How to wear jeans?

Everyone has their favourite jeans, be it your best pair of skinnies or your most comfortable boyfriends. Whatever your style, it’s more than likely that you’ve had your favourite jeans for a while. After all, they’re durable and they stay stylish season after season, year after year. After wearing the same jeans for so long, though, you may have slipped into a styling rut, always pairing them with the same old items. Well, not anymore! Give the boring t-shirt and flip-flops a miss this season and show your favourite jeans some love with a styling makeover.

What is My Body Type?

Jeans are one of the best fashion investments to make. You can keep them for years and, although they may fade or rip, they’re still totally wearable. Never mind if your favourite pair is out of style at the moment, they’ll be back before you know it. Just make sure that they still flatter your figure before adding them back into your clothing rotation. To find the styles that best suit you, use your body type as a guide.

Pear Figure

Women with pear figures tend to have a smaller bust and larger hips/thighs, so it’s important to create balance with shapes. If you have a pear figure, avoid high-waisted jeans as they will be unflattering to your figure. Instead, opt for low to mid-rise jeans in styles such as boyfriend and cropped. These jeans will help balance your bottom half and make you look great.

Tall Figure

Long legs are made for wearing jeans, so embrace your tall figure and rock them all season long! In general, long length jeans will look best on your long legs, so avoid cropped styles and opt for ones that finish at or past your ankles. Try mom jeans, ripped denim or flared styles to flatter your figure and show off your lean shape.

Hourglass Figure

If you’re lucky enough to have an hourglass figure, you’ll find that most styles of jeans look good on you. If you want to really flatter your figure, however, high-waisted mom jeans or skinny jeans are best. Skinny jeans will cling to the curves of your legs, highlighting your feminine shape. Mom jeans, on the other hand, will draw eyes to your defined waist.

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