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How to Clean Your House Like a Pro

Cleaning Tips From a Professional Cleaner
You can clean virtually any house in about four hours a week. I learned this when I had my own residential house-cleaning business. One reason that cleaning other people’s houses is a lot easier than cleaning your own, is that you’re not involved in the mess. Nothing is personal and you don’t get distracted while you’re cleaning.

You can clean your own house just as efficiently if you don’t get distracted. You can also save money instead of hiring a professional house-cleaning service. My five-step method includes:

Setting a Cleaning Schedule
Cleaning Bathrooms
Cleaning Ceilings and Walls
Cleaning Floors
Learn How to Prioritize Your Cleaning Needs
Household chores like intensive kitchen cleaning and laundry are better left for another time as they can distract you from your mission. I assume the dishes are generally washed and counters wiped down every day.

If you are efficient, you can run the dishwasher or washing machine while you focus on the tasks at hand. We will talk about some techniques to tackle these chores towards the end. I do suggest including the kitchen when you are clearing cobwebs, dusting and cleaning floors.

Cleaning Supplies You Will Need
It will make your job simpler if you have quick access to everything you need. It is a good idea to use a storage caddy or a bucket with a handle so you can carry your supplies from room to room.

In your cleaning caddy you should have:

Sponge (with a scrubby side)
Cotton rags (I like cloth diapers or old terrycloth washcloths. Old t shirts make good rags too. If you use old towels or clothing, cut them up so it’s easy to tell that they have been retired.)
Microfiber cloths
Paper towels
Bathroom cleaner
Glass cleaner
Furniture polish
Rubber gloves
Floor cleaner and/or polish
A Little Advice About Cloths and Rags
Microfiber cloths are very popular, and they are great for some jobs. They work fine for dry dusting, cleaning woodwork, and final polishing. However, they are not very absorbent. Most of the time you will want to use them either dry or slightly damp. They are not good for drying dishes, but they are great for rubbing off water spots. If you use spray cleaner and a microfiber cloth, it will not dry the surface very well. In that case you are better off to use a paper towel or a cotton cloth or rag.

Paper towels are good for very nasty or greasy messes that will contaminate your sponge or rag, things like the outside of the toilet. On the top of your stove you can use a paper towel for the initial clean-up and then move on to a sponge or rag.

Other Necessary Tools
Long-handled duster
Vacuum cleaner
Dust mop
Wet mop
Buy a Decent Vacuum Cleaner
For years I had problems with vacuum cleaners. I bought one cheap one after the other. It seemed like I was spending more time unclogging them than I was vacuuming.

I finally bought myself a Kenmore canister vacuum. I’ve had it for ten years now, and it solved most of my problems. Of course, it still needs maintenance. As long as I empty the bags when needed and clean the filters it has good suction. The hose finally cracked a couple of years ago, but I was able to get a replacement.

I would warn against the bagless vacuums, I never had any luck with those, and emptying the dirt cup is a messy job. Uprights seem appealing and easy to use, but if there’s a clog it’s hard to get to it.

How to Deep Clean Your House Fast
If the house has not been kept up, you will probably find a lot of dusty corners that haven’t been cleaned in a while the first time you clean. This is what I found any time I got a new client, no matter how tidy the house looked.

Cleaning vs. Clearing Clutter
The first thing to understand is that there’s a difference between clearing clutter and cleaning. A lot of times when we’re cleaning our own houses, we do both at the same time, but this is not the most efficient way.

When a professional cleaner comes in, the house is generally expected to be “picked up.” If I would come in to a house to clean it and there was stuff lying around, I would simply make piles for the homeowner to sort out later.

Cleaning to Remove Dust Mites
It’s important to clean more frequently throughout the year rather than just a little “spring cleaning. “Those untouched areas can harbor dust, mites and other irritants that should be removed regularly for health and wellness.

Dust mites can cause allergies and asthma. They like to live in fabrics and soft bedding, like mattresses, pillows, carpets, rugs and blankets. This is why weekly cleaning is important.

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